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The Benefits of Healthy Vapes liquids
As a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, I have been looking for a product just like this. 
I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences, have been working in the natural health care field for the last 10 years, and have recently completed my doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

In Naturopathic medicine we advocate for patients playing a stronger role in their health care, and the vaping blends that Healthy Vapes offer give my patients that already vape just that. If someone is going to enjoy vaping, they might as well be receiving health benefits of essential oils at the same time. These blends offer people that vape the ability to manage their stress effectively, relax fully, fall asleep easily, and breathe deeply. The essential oils found in the Healthy Vapes formulas have been used effectively for hundreds of years for these indications, and are being backed up by an incredible amount of research being done.

Vaping offers unique benefits that are not available through other routes of administration. For example, Lavender is an herb compound that has been shown to calm the mind and relax the individual.1  The formula Liquid Calm, a lavender based formula, offers the ability to obtain the benefits of lavender within seconds, instead of the traditional 30-60 minutes offered by oral supplements. This could allow users to receive instant benefits and quickest chance at producing relaxation. When anxiety and stress are effecting your life, instant support is a life saver. Similarly, Breathing Nourishment, a formula to support breathing and airflow, contains spearmint, an essential oil with clinical studies showing increase lung function and exercise performance.2  Vaping these essential oils once again, offers instant benefits, and because these oils are not heated to the point of combustion, one does not suffer the harmful lung affects caused by the burning typically used in methods such as traditional smoking and hookah.3 Utilizing the inhalation route also bypasses the digestive system, preserving many of the compounds found in these beneficial herbs that the stomach acid would normally break down. Vaping these formulas allows the entire compound to enter the blood stream, For the individuals who are already using vaporizers, the vaping liquid blends with essential oils and herbs by Healthy Vapes offer a host of benefits with quick routes of administration, and I recommend using them in my practice with my vaping patients.  

Michael Robinson, CFMP  

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