Meditation with vaping to enhance your life

In its essence, meditation is the energy expenditure in exchange for the outcome.

Eastern way of meditation as most common and widely accepted by our society type of meditation does us more harm than good. Let me explain...

The ultimate goal of Buddhist, Tao, Zen, Hindu, etc. meditation is to reach deep trans-personal state where all dualities dissolve for the purpose of enlightenment, reincarnation, and freedom from rebirth.  

When we practice eastern meditation wishing to change our life to the better, we have opposite results. This type of meditation "damages" our personal life, finances, professional career, and self-development.

If you want enlightenment, reincarnation, and freedom from rebirth then meditate the eastern way. Close your eyes, cross your legs and arms, relax, and monitor your thoughts and feeling. Just know that by doing this you are spending valuable energy without a chance for that energy to come back and help you change your life for the better.

However, if your objective is to make the right choice and take actions to achieve your goal, when there is a different, yet an easy way to meditate. 

The first thing you need to do is to to ground yourself. Grounding is one of the most critical and important part of successful meditation practice. You can vape Euphoric Voyage juice to ground yourself, relax and to stop the inner dialogue, thoughts, and feelings.

Sit down. Make yourself comfortable. Keep your eyes open. Do not cross your legs and arms.

Verbalize your intention and silent your mind.  For the next 10-15 seconds observe your body sensations and feelings as a result of your stated intention. Keep your eyes open!

After that get up and do some physical activity (push-ups, sit-ups, washing dishes, etc..). Using vape juice with essential oils in addition to physical activity also helps to further ground energy.

Physical activity and vaping essential oils after meditation provides a way for the energy to travel back from the higher plane, erase limiting and self-sabotaging patterns, and increase your productivity to reach your goals.


Arthur Titarenko, Holistic Health practitioner